The Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell

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Shana Lebowitz – Strategy Reporter and Business Insider for the World Economic Forum –  wrote these words: “Experts say reading is crucial for anyone in a leadership position.  Writing in The Harvard Business Review, author John Coleman argues that reading can make you a better communicator and more empathetic. Meanwhile, Scotty McLennan, a lecturer in political economy at Stanford Graduate School of Business, suggests that novels can boost leadership skills by showing readers reality in a way that case studies and business books can’t.  Obviously, there’s no one secret to becoming wildly successful.  But a weekly trip to your local library is an almost surefire way to increase your knowledge and your effectiveness in business settings.”  We at NeXT agree with Ms Lebowitz’s written words, as well as, the spoken words of J.D. Salinger and Joseph Addison.  We believe in order to lead you must first read.  It’s a proven fact that once we know better we will often do better, so it is with this understanding we believe it’s our responsibility as an organization to share great information with the general public, and with everyone that comes in contact with the NeXT Basketball Foundation. 


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