/perpes/ noun


the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


PURPOSETo develop a servant’s heart in young people.


The NeXT Basketball Foundation’s main objective is to create an environment where each young person will develop a heart and mind that is socially conscious, civic minded, and community driven. Our purpose as a foundation is to aid others in need while teaching our youth strong leadership skills. In doing so, we believe the vision set forth by NeXT Basketball Foundation will earn national reputation as the premier, thought-leading organization responsible for reshaping the role of youth sports as a platform for youth development that yields productive young citizens who are actively engaged in their communities. Our purpose is our vision.


We believe “We ALL Got NeXT”



/paSHen/ noun


a strong and barely controllable emotion.


MISSION: Enabling today’s youth athletes to be a tomorrow’s community leaders by redefining the goals of youth sports.


The NeXT Basketball Foundation began with one single thought: to create a cultural shift in the field of youth sports by changing how we as a society think, evaluate, and compete within youth sports. Our passion is to improve upon the current youth sports model by strongly emphasizing the development of the NeXT generation of leaders. Our mission is to develop young people for the NeXT phase of their lives through the game of basketball. Basketball is the “bait”, but our goal is to help our youth grow into young leaders; persons of real significance within our community. Our passion is our mission.


We believe “We ALL Got NeXT”


/per’spektiv/ noun


a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

VISION: Through their involvement in youth athletics, participants become socially conscious, civic minded and community driven.


A key goal of NeXT Basketball Foundation is to change the perspective of today’s youth as there is an epidemic plaguing our youth today… a phenomenon that has been well documented: an alarming sense of entitlement amongst young people. US News & World Report (May 1, 2013) noted that ‘teenagers feel more entitled than ever’ creating a ‘fantasy gap’ where youth today have high expectations for money or material items, but lack a work ethic or the willingness to engage in meaningful and hard work to earn what they desire. To that end, we will work to encourage ALL youth sports organizations in Central Ohio (and beyond) to participate in our vision and perform three hours of community service work during their team’s season in an effort to encourage community engagement and to combat the ‘entitlement problem’. Our perspective is our power.


We believe “We ALL Got NeXT”