NeXT Basketball Training & Facility

Whether it is team play or via summer clinics, all participants will be effectively coached and engage in a process where several of NeXT’s Core Values will be embraced and reinforced:  the importance of teamwork, promoting a strong work ethic, demonstrating leadership, etc. Our longterm goal is to build a permanent home to fully realize our vision, we will build a seven-court, state-of-the-art facility within seven (7) years to serve as a community anchor in serving our youth.  In doing so, the volume of youth that will be able to participate in our program will explode, as there are severe space limitations today creating significant barriers for expansion.  A shortage of basketball courts across the central Ohio region limits access to the sport and represents a barrier for NeXT’s growth.

We realize our vision, goals and initiatives are large scale and will take a tremendous amount of planning, work and effort on the part of many.  We equally understand the need and the value of this endeavor as well.  In the end, we believe this is our responsibility.


We believe We All Got NeXT.